Tracking onUserOrder to Analytic Goals

Tracking onUserOrder to Analytic GoalsHow to setup optional goals tracking First: setup the tracking plugin to enable goals.

You can setup up to 5 event goals, tracked when customers press "confirm order" (before customers pay, when the order is created in the Virtuemart db - this because the next action is to confirm order (customers pay) and it's tracked as e.commerce conversion!).

The very first thing to do is setup the plugin

Setup Paypal to auto-confirm orders

Setup Paypal to auto-confirm orders Paypal settings for order auto-confirmation after payment (j2.5/vm2.x) Setting IPN and "thank you" page on Paypal.

The IPN is the Instant Paying Notification that Paypal sends to your server when a customer pays. The "Thank You" page is where the customer returns after a payment, with the payment details for the customer.

You should setup them both on your account on Paypal, in the "profile"

Virtuemart tracking extension documentation

Virtuemart tracking extension documentation

Track Virtuemart orders on Google Analytics. E.commerce conversions tracking and "confirming order" event tracking. Virtuemart Tracking extension is the final solution to track conversions, orders, items on Google Analytics.

For vendors who want to know more about customers, users, traffic, ecommerce conversions on their website. Put the most purchased products on the front of your store!