virtuemart 3 extension for google analytics

Track Virtuemart conversions on Google Analytics. E.commerce, new users and order pre-payment goals.


Virtuemart Tracking Extension is the cheaper and easiest plugin to track Virtuemart conversions, orders, items and events on Google Analytics.

It tracks also the Joomla "standart" web traffic, so you need anything else to link your e.commerce to Google Analytics.

For vendors who want to know more about customers, users, traffic, ecommerce conversions on their website. Put the most purchased products on the front of your store! Check the conversions rate. Give your customers what they really want from your ecommerce with Virtuemart and Joomla. Track orders and all order items, to report only real stuff! With complete sources, referral and geographical details.

And this, for only 9€. On of the cheapest extension for Joomla. Virtuemart Tracking Extension, download and install. Have a very little setting. And forget it!

Note: this extension (obviously) needs the allow_url_fopen=1 (or allow_url_fopen="On") on your php.ini or hosting configuration. Check it on your system or simply turn (or make it turn) on!

New 3.1.2 - new auto-ugrade function, new "Confirmed by shopper" option to track orders, new setting for cache time of google cookies associated to an IP.

It works better with campaigns, google cookies are now cached the very first time an IP enter your website (even as guess visitor) not only to the act of order. It will be compared at the time of order to the IP of customer and sent to the tracking. It is very usefull to track the __utmz cookie, that contains referrals, campaigns, etc)

New 3.0 - enable Analytics Goal tracking for "onUserRegistration" joomla/virtuemart event.

For users who needs to monitor the rate of daily new registrations, now just enable it on the plugin and setup a new goal in Analytics and name the event "onUserRegistration"

New 1.6 - enable Analytics Goal tracking for "onUserOrder" vm event.

Do you want to know how many people "confirm order" on your cart but then does not pay? Virtuemart Tracking Extension 1.6 lets admin to track Events "onUserOrder". This event is fired anytime a Customer press the "confirm order" button on your cart and the order is created and is still in "Pending" status. Very usefull!

New 1.4 - it catches Customers when buying, and tracks when paying.

The users "Google cookies" (where information about google adwords and adverts) are sent to Analytics as-they-are when customer press "confirm order" from your cart.

We choose to use the "__utm.gif pixel request" a server-side php request that google provided for mobile solution and PHP/Pearl/Cgi side-server tracking. In this way the tracking works ever. No transaction will be lost. It's a professional solution for everybody want to use Google Analytics reports to follow their business.

It tracks everything, from user visits to virtuemart transactions, included order items.

It just does what you expected to do.

We were very disappointed from other solutions, that forced the admin to write php-code on some virtuemart pages, hacking other extensions and so on. Virtuemart tracking extension doesn't require ANY hack! Just install, setup and start tracking your ecommerce.

Web payment, as paypal or credit cards

  1. A Customer makes an order in your shop.
  2. He chooses a web payment, as credit cards or paypal, he's redirected to the web-payment server. If he regular finishes the payment, he's redirect to your joomla shop.
  3. The IPN (Istant Payment Notification) of the web-service changes the status from "pending" to "confirmed" in your server database. This not render a page, so javascript is exluded.
  4. Our plugin catches the notification, and stored it in a queue to ensure possible conflict with other extension while virtuemart is working on server.
  5. The queue is analyzed and the transactions in queue are tracked using php server-side requests to Google Analytics.

Bank money transfert or payment on shipping case

  1. A Customer makes an order in your shop.
  2. He chooses a payment on shipping or a bank money-transfert.
  3. The order is stored in the Virtuemart database.
  4. The administrator checks for money transfert or ship the products with payment on shipping.
  5. The administrator changes the order status from "pending" to "confirmed", and the transaction go in the queue.
  6. The administrator can changes multiple orders, they will be always right tracked, each with all his products.
  7. The queue is analyzed and the transactions in queue are tracked using php server-side requests to Google Analytics.

Don't matter which payment method your customers choose! they all work together in our extension, and all will be tracked.